Kickstart Institute

The firm collaborates with passionate entrepreneurs to help them improve their small business and mission driven nonprofit leaders seeking to raise the quality of life for those in need.


Transformative Journey

We specialize in organizational assessments, program evaluation, organizational design and development, change management and transformative business models that help clients improve organizational effectiveness, expand the business or increase revenue. 


Professionalism and Experience

Dr. Susan Claiborne started The Kickstart Institute due to a desire to help small business and nonprofit organizations scale their impact. This was after after performing management consulting services for some of the largest companies globally for over 25 years.


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Dr. Susan Claiborne


Kickstart Institute - Owner Operator

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Services & Testimonials

Program Evaluation


  • Evaluate effectiveness of organization, program or specific activity
  • Data driven decision making
  • Empirical based methodology

Organizational Development


  • Organizational design & develoment
  • Organizational change management
  • Contemporary Operating models
  • Strategic planning

Small Business & Leadership Development


  • Legal Structure & Incorporation
  • Banking & Finances 
  • Mission, Vision & Value Statements
  • Financial Statements & Projections
  • Leadership & Board training


Client Testimony


“I so enjoyed working with Dr. Claiborne. She is compassionate, caring and so encouraging! The vision statement she wrote for me is posted on my office wall to remind me that my goals are doable and achievable! Thank you Dr. Claiborne for believing in me!” – Kelly Rader – Canada

Client Tesimony


"Working with Dr. Claiborne has allowed me to figure out how I can build my business and achieve my goals to live the life I so desire!  I want to build authentic relationships that compliment my life.  Her coaching gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibilities  I highly recommend her!" – Constance Gassaway

Client Testimony


A good consult is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser. This is exactly what Dr. Claiborne is to me. I want to give her a true shout out!  Honestly, Dr. Claiborne has raised my level of confidence, work ethic, and successfulness. She is very professional, straightforward, and honest. You can tell she naturally enjoys helping others. I personally  benefited from this experience and I hope others get the pleasure of working with her. 

~Marcus Webb